Dent Breakaway Bolt

How Dent Breakaway Bolts®™ Save Lives

dent boltdent boltSign slip bases work where the vehicle strikes the support in the direction of the notches or traffic. When a slip base is struck at an angle other than parallel to the roadway, the base fails to release, thus causing the vehicle to stop abruptly. Also, if the bolts are not torqued properly, the slip base may not release when impacted by a vehicle traveling parallel to the roadway, the vehicle again will stop abruptly. The Dent Breakaway Bolt ® ™ eliminates these deficiencies of the slip base. With its breakaway feature, the support will disengage from a hit in any direction.

Why Specify Dent Breakaway Bolt®™

The Dent Breakaway Bolt ® ™ can be used for new installations, repairs, or retrofits. Any system using the bolt meets NCHRP 350, including the Omni direction criteria. Because of its breakaway feature, there is no torque requirement. This reduces the sensitivity of the installation, and eliminates periodic inspections to check the torque. They also allow base plates to be designed with holes instead of the more expensive notches. The bolt can be designed to the states standards. It comes in any length and 5 different diameters. To date, all reported impacts have indicated favorable results. The bases all released as expected, either breaking or slipping.

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