Dent Rectangular Base

rectangular baseThe above picture is a standard Rectangle Slip Base in which the Dent Bolts™ were installed.

By installing the Dent Bolt™ in this type of base system, the system changes from a two direction base to an Omni-Directional base. Using the Dent Bolt™ in this type of base will allow the base to separate on impact from any direction, and help prevent ground anchor and post damage. As a very large amount of impacts on our highway system are considered side hits, using the Dent Bolts™ will help in making our highways safer for the driving public. The above picture is the base system of a two post sign, installed 10 years ago to date in North Carolina.

This sign with stood at least six hurricanes including Floyd, Fran, Dennis and others without problems.

Date last inspected February, 06.

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