Dent Universal Base (DUB 7.5)

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FHWA Approved per SS-142, 350 criteria, Test Level 3 for multiple posts

Dent Universal Base (Dub 7.5)The Dent Universal Base is a Tri-Base system that can adapt to ALL bolt circles in use throughout the National Highway System in the United States. This system uses the Dent Bolts™ or can use conventional bolts. When used with the Dent Bolts™, the base can be attached by using ground anchors which can use either epoxy or concrete to install. Anchors are galvanized to avoid rust.

When impact occurs, the system breaks away at ¼" above the installation height. The above pictured base will accept either 2-7/8″OD pipe or 2-1/2″ Square Tube and has 4 set screws or bolts to make installation simple. This system will help prevent the sign post from turning and ground anchor damage.

This base can be used with round tube or square pipe applications, has 4 set screws, and accepts the Dent Ground Anchor System. When the DUB 7.5 is used in conjunction with the Dent Breakaway Bolt ®™ no Keeper Plate is required.

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