Ground Anchor Systems

  • Stub Post Ground Anchor System
    The stub post ground anchor system is highly used in Utah and Texas. It's used only on the tri base system and in place of the J and L bolt installations. It is used for small sign installations. The stub post is designed to meet several states specifications including Utah and Texas and allows a bottom slip pane for the Dent Universal Base system. Additionally, the Dent Bolts work with and are approved with this system.
  • J And L Bolt Ground Anchor Systems
    Drop in Anchors are utilized in concrete foundations. They work with a universal coupling that screw onto a J bolt or an L bolt. By using these drop in anchors with the Dent Breakaway Bolt ™ ® and coupling converts these drop in anchors into an Omni -breakaway system.

    Drop in anchors are used frequently on way finding signs, highway signs, and luminary poles. These can also adapt to be used with the new Dent Bolt ™ ® (the Omni-directional Dent connector) or the Dent Breakaway bolt. ™ ®

    The J or L bolts are available in sizes from 5/8" through 1 inch. Length can vary depending on foundation requirements. We do not supply the J or L bolts. We provide the breakaway hardware to make your J or L bolts breakaway compliant.
  • Heavy Duty Couplings
    Heavy Duty Couplings are designed to allow a J bolt to be screwed into one end and a Dent Breakaway bolt. ™ ® bolt to be screwed into the other as part of the ground anchor system. By making these universal (different sizes on each end) it allows an installer to repair a damaged pole that has existing J or L bolts coming out of the concrete by screwing on a coupling and then adding bolts of the necessary size to hold the pole structure down. This changes a system that is not breakaway or bi-breakaway to Omni-directional breakaway upon impact from a radical vehicle.

    Most couplings you find at a local hardware store are zinc plated. Our heavy-duty couplings are hot dipped galvanized to provide longer lifespan and better performance. Our Couplings are manufactured oversized per ASTM A153 specifications to screw onto a galvanized Dent Breakaway bolt ™ ® or anchor system.

    Sizes available are from 1/2 inch through 1 inch. All N/C Threads.

You must have something to hold up your sign. Each state has their own regulations on what is required to be in compliance with safety. Dent Breakaway Industries offers multiple ground anchor systems to help you remain in compliance with your individual state laws. Contact us if you have questions about your current ground anchor systems and what Dent Breakaway Industries can offer you.

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